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Buying design is a stressful, expensive time sink full of unknowns...

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Share scope of work
See if there's a fit
Repeat, whilst losing sanity

You deserve a design partner that gets you, and where you want to go.

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Over 200 UI/UX projects later, here's a few examples


Working with Bernstein’s world class researchers, we prototyped a fund performance web app.

Ipsos + EMVCo

We designed 20 payment authentication flows for a global UX study to help people feel safer online.


Stock discovery for retail investors, from napkin to polished prototype in 10 days.

UCSF + Mosaic Global

We designed and prototyped a neuroscience backed edtech product for a large UX study.

Design should evolve with your ideas, not limit them.

"Caboodle are an exceptional digital team. Fast, easy to work with and dependable."
Rob Stevens
Group Head of UX @ GfK
Progress faster

As a boutique design studio, we can move rapidly to help you deliver great UX on-demand.

Save time + money

Building an in-house design team costs $200k+ pa. Add a zero for big agencies.

Battle-tested team

Get 12 years of experience at your fingertips. Good design when you need it.

Our zen process. Less stress, more calm.

1. We'll invite you to Trello

Everything you need in one place so you never feel left in the dark.

3. Video walkthroughs

Sit back with a coffee, watch, digest and enjoy seeing your ideas come to life.

Animated video of Chris making faces at the camera.Animated GIF of Lucy smiling and waving at the camera.
2. Our design unit gets to work

You work directly with our small, specialised team throughout the engagement.

4. Async comms

Forget calendar tennis for those 'quick calls'. Drop feedback when it suits you.

Simple, transparent pricing.

HIUX Playbook

An impact-focused, evidence based product design audit.

A fresh perspective
High-impact easy-to-action updates
Delivered in 7-10 days
Money-back guarantee
ex. VAT
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When you need access to our design team, on-demand.

Add requests as you need them
UI, UX & prototyping
Continuous delivery
Pause or cancel anytime
£4,800 / month
ex. VAT
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One-off project

For projects with a fixed budget, timeline and scope.

We'll work out the scope together
Design and optional dev
Clear milestones
Regular check-ins
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“During our partnership, we regularly received nearly perfect scores from clients.”
Ria Jesrani
Director @ Ipsos
"We massively appreciate you guys having gone above and beyond to support us (again!)- thank you"
Nick Thompson
Director @ ReadingRep
“Not to be crass, but...I’M BLOWN THE F*CK AWAY. Really good work.”
Kerry Hebert
Design & UX Director @ Visa
“There is no way we could have done this without you or with any other vendor.”
Clare Stoker
VP @ AllianceBernstein
“It's rare to find a design partner who thinks beyond great visuals and show true empathy for our users.”
Simon Jones
Research Director @ Ipsos
“Adept at understanding my requirements. Produced outstanding work with good, lasting customer feedback.”
Yann Cluchey


What makes you different?
How do you handle feedback?
How long does each design request take?
Who uses your service?
What do you need from me?
How do I receive my designs?
Can you help with research studies?

Elevate your SaaS product.

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