Use Peak-End Rule to Increase Retention & Satisfaction

When’s the last time you remember an entire experience delivered by a business? You probably remember specific points, a crappy part or something that really stood out.

This is down to a psychological heuristic called the Peak-End Rule.

Why does it matter?

When you deliver a service, the ENTIRE experience doesn’t have to be exceptional.

You can keep people talking about your product or service by adding in exceptional moments or ‘peaks’ at specific points.

Sprinkle some unexpected delight during the beginning, at the end as well as during the highest friction points.

Here’s a couple of examples:

Lego — ever found yourself with a missing Lego piece? My kids did. That’s a low point, so Lego sprinkle in some delight by making it insanely easy (and free) to tell them which piece you’re missing. They ship it to you rapidly, again for free.

Disneyland (and other parks) — quite literally capture a peak moment on camera. You feel the exhilaration, then you see it (even if you don’t buy it).

Grubby meal-box — recently subscribed to this meal-box company. It’s a competitive space. When you get your first box you usually get a free gift that’s a bit meh. Grubby give you a free gift every time. The gift is actually generous, delicious. They’re also using Self-Reference Effect by only giving gifts relevant to the order. For example, don’t send a gift with dairy in to someone who’s lactose intolerant. Or something with gluten to someone with coeliac disease.

People talk about this stuff... like I just did.

Great for business, even in Lego’s case — which could have gone very differently (queue crying kids and a day of moaning).  

If you make use of this rule to turn a dull or frustrating moment into a delightful moment, and focus on the end result of your product or service, that is what people will chat about.

Not the entire experience.

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