Minimal invoice theme for FreeAgent


A clean, minimal and professional invoice template for FreeAgent.

Available in two different font styles to suit your brand:

  • San-serif – Defaults to your system san-serif font

  • Monospace – Courier

How to install a FreeAgent theme

Step 1

To add your new invoice theme in FreeAgent, select 'Settings' from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner, then 'Theme Gallery'.

Step 2

Next, select 'Create Custom Theme'

Step 3

We now need to copy and paste the theme styles into the Custom theme editor.

Your Minimal theme download folder will have 4 files:

  • monospace_main.css

  • monospace_print.css

  • san-serif_main.css

  • san-serif_print.css

Choose which font style you would like to use (monospace or san-serif). For this example I'm going to use san-serif.

Open up the san-serif__main.css file in any text editor such as Notepad, it should look something like this:

Copy all the text inside the file and then navigate back to your FreeAgent window. In the Main CSS tab paste the contents from san-serif_main.css

Click the 'Save Invoice Theme' button

Step 4

Next click into the Print CSS tab and repeat Step 3 but with the san-serif_print.css file instead

Click the 'Save Invoice Theme' button.

Step 5

Click the 'Back to Theme Gallery' button, then 'Use Theme' on the Custom Theme card.

Then you are done!

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