Disaster averted.

UK businesses face many risks that, without proper mitigation, could lead to disastrous consequences. We help TrackMyRisk breathe simplicity into the complex world of business continuity.
UI/UX Design, Branding
Prototype, design system, brand collateral

It's all about simplicity

To prevent or mitigate risks that could potentially end a business, we first need to identify them. Once we know what they are we need compliancy and insurance documents.

All of this takes time, money and experience. TrackMyRisks offered a simpler way to first identify, then suggest and manage the relevant documents. All within a beautifully simple app designed by us.

Establish a design language that speaks to the decision maker within all types of businesses.
Businesses of every size can experience and mitigate risk
We wanted to educate rather than rely on scare-mongering.
Messaging and tone that focused on trust and education.
Put more control into the hands of the business owner.
Decision makers are short on time so we focused on efficiency and simplicity.
We presented a number of directions — this was the winner. Simple and to the point.
Location is a big part of business risk, so much so, we hinted at it as part of the marque.
The app was made up of 600 components. We used a design system to maximise consistency across all touchpoints.
Without a design system, consistency and design debt creeps in.
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“After our first call, I knew I wanted to work with you guys, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all worked out.”
Clare Stoker
VP, Alliance Bernstein
“Absolutely brilliant! I can't thank you enough for what you have given us.”
Paul Long-Collins
Branch Manager, RSPCA
"You embody the spirit of design thinking, and that’s exactly what we need."
Simon Jones
Research Director, Ipsos Mori
“Produced outstanding work with lasting positive customer feedback.”
Yann Cluchey