13% of all students have a disability. MyPlus help progressive employers realise the great possibilities and advantages of hiring people with disabilities.

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With thousands of inspirational articles across hundreds of topics, it's easy for content to get lost — never to be seen by the intended audience. How do we encourage people to engage and dive deeper into the topics they care about most? First we must understand their hopes and dreams, their fears, anxieties. Then we can speak in terms they can engage with.

Building empathy so we can speak to the heart and mind of our audience.

Provide control over content

With such a huge amount of content available, we gave students control over which content gets surfaced in their dashboard. Although this creates more friction up-front, the pay off meant greater continued engagement later.

During on-boarding we allowed used to follow specific topics, brands and industries.

The design language

We wanted to ensure the digital design direction would pair well with inclusive, inspirational messaging and existing brand guidelines.

After we aligned on messaging and strategy, we explored various design directions.

Evidence based design

Testing multiple design variations on users and stakeholders helped us move forward with conviction.

Design consistency

For large sites, it's important to include a design system — mapping out every element and using a modular, component based approach. This reduces costly design and technical debt when new features or upgrades are added.

Applying a consistent design language across hundreds of pages and components.

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