Deeper insights, faster.

We pioneered a new process to capture, analyse and then deliver meaningful UX research.
Ipsos Mori
UI/UX Design, Service design
Process guidelines, prototype, design system

Death to powerpoint. Life to a new process.

The Ipsos UX team wanted to deliver stunning, engaging reports to their customers. This meant dropping Powerpoint deliverables in favour of ‘insight boards’.

During our work together we came up with a smart, highly efficient process for collecting and then analysing insights. The new process is now a hugely valuable selling point and has been rolled out globally.

Make hundreds of research observations easy to find, and enjoyable to digest.
Enjoyable browsing from tablet up
Imbue each set of research insights with contextual meaning
An example board of research insights
Take every user into account — from C-Suite to designers, developers and project managers
Topline view for those with little time vs full, in-depth board views.
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“After our first call, I knew I wanted to work with you guys, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all worked out.”
Clare Stoker
VP, Alliance Bernstein
“Absolutely brilliant! I can't thank you enough for what you have given us.”
Paul Long-Collins
Branch Manager, RSPCA
"You embody the spirit of design thinking, and that’s exactly what we need."
Simon Jones
Research Director, Ipsos Mori
“Produced outstanding work with lasting positive customer feedback.”
Yann Cluchey