Solve your customers’ pain point. Better, faster.

December 19, 2019

The problem

It’s very common for us to come across this process:

A business identifies a pain point that, if solved, could prove very lucrative. They spend ££ designing a solution based on their understanding of the problem, and then more ££ developing it. 1 month (or more) later, they find it’s not right or there’s a glaring oversight.

If this looks at all like your current process, good news. There is a better way that will get you to a better, customer-validated solution faster and cheaper.

The solution

  1. Benchmark. No point reinventing the wheel, if others have already spent time and money testing a similar solution, use it to your advantage.
  2. Spend 1-2 days creating a prototype. Doesn’t need to be a finished product — even a clickable sketch is enough if it conveys the solution clearly.
  3. Spend 1 day putting it in front of users for feedback
  4. If it doesn’t work, you’ve saved months of work and a whole lot of cash. If it does work, you can confidently put the time into refinement and development.
“After our first call, I knew I wanted to work with you guys, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all worked out.”
Clare Stoker
VP, Alliance Bernstein
“Absolutely brilliant! I can't thank you enough for what you have given us.”
Paul Long-Collins
Branch Manager, RSPCA
"You embody the spirit of design thinking, and that’s exactly what we need."
Simon Jones
Research Director, Ipsos Mori
“Produced outstanding work with lasting positive customer feedback.”
Yann Cluchey