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Unmortgage have set out to bridge the property ownership gap and home 1000 families by 2020. We helped them define a compelling, engaging design language for their £0.5b offering.

Content guidance / User testing / Experience design / Design system

Homepage design for Unmortgage

Emotion is at the heart of the Unmortgage brand — a nation of renters that crave to be owners involves a lot of life-changing decisions. We used customer stories and vibrant imagery to convey this emotion.

French bulldog sitting down showing a homely back drop.
A funky mix of art prints, photo frames and shelving.
How it works and Company UI design

The design system needed to cater for a number of different scenarios including dashboards, data, charts and cards. We used wires to plan for this.

Three Unmortgage dashboard screens – UI/UX dashboard designs

User interviews and testing helped provide the insight needed to provide solid user flows throughout.

Unmortgage user flow diagram

Working with the team, we used trending analysis to identify patterns and opportunities.

Homepage wireframe in sketchbook with analysis sticky notes
Sticky notes on a wall showing the trending analysis we did for Unmortgage

We developed 3 core user personas based on prior research. This helped us to maintain objectivity when making major design decisions.

Three Unmortgage personas for our UX research.

We then mapped out a typical user’s journey to product, followed by moderated user testing with prototypes to validate tone, messaging and flow.

A screenshot showing a user testing one of our designs

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