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Making risk mitigation simple for everyday business owners.

Flood, fire, burglary, cyber attacks. All things that can disrupt and in some cases end a business. Richard and Matt founded TrackMyRisks to simplify the complex process of risk mitigation for all business owners in the UK. Over a year-long engagement, we helped them design the first version of their digital product.

New product, many challenges

New digital products have a lot of challenges. How do you focus on the right features? How do you maintain a consistent, cohesive experience for your users? How do you balance user needs with business objectives?

Product design for multiple businesses
A commitment to simplicity

“Our customers are time-poor, this product is about making their life simpler”

The goal was to make risk mitigation simple for everyday business owners. To understand what mattered to these users, we collected all the problems we would be solving in the form of user stories. When it came to solving each problem, we would ask relentlessly: ‘what is the simplest way we can solve this problem?’.

600+ isometric screenshots of TMR web app
Staying agile delivers opportunity

We held regular stand-ups to encourage discussion, allay fears and avoid miscommunication between design and development. Working in silos is bad for productivity, and we believe in empowering every team member to work together to deliver the best user experience.

TrackMyRisks marketing website design

We always focus on simplicity and consistency.

The design system

We are strong believers in the design system — a consistent source of truth for your product’s design language. It makes implementing new features and flows faster, and ensures developers and designers are always in sync. It is very difficult to deliver a consistent experience without one.

Screenshots of responsive design

A consistent user experience across touch points.

Results long after our initial engagement

Since working with TMR, their commitment to simplicity and user experience has endured — recently they were awarded ‘Great User Experience 2018’ by FinancesOnline and have just hit 2000 loyal customers.

Screenshots of responsive design
Screenshots of responsive design
TrackMyRisks logo development
TrackMyRisks logo development
TrackMyRisks logo development

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