Caboodle - A research-led design team Caboodle - A research-led design team

TrackMyRisks needed a consistent design language for their web app. We helped them attract further investment, extend reach and drive new business.

Branding / Interface design system / Prototyping / UX design

Dashboard app on phone, showing a CTA for a user to improve their score.
Mobile app screens for TrackMyRisks depciting resilience score, location monitoring and a powerful data graph

1 year working on over 600 artboards formed from one solid design system to ensure the product scaled efficiently and consistently.

Isometric style images of the various different dashboard layouts for TrackMyRisks
A calendar UI widget for TrackMyRisks
A UI design of multiple select dropdown in TrackMyRisks

Working agile, we took point crafting user stories following stakeholder and user interviews to align objectives and deliver meaningful solutions.

TrackMyRisks logo and brand evolution

The identity system needed to appeal to wide range of business owners. The contemporary mark forms a combination of a location pin and sonar.

Montage of photos showing various businesses working.

More work...