Tickerboom offers a new way to find trending stocks and see how price action is impacted by social momentum.


Tools like Yahoo Finance offer plenty of info about a stock, we wanted to bring in social momentum and combine with price action. Tradingview provides even deeper info. Tickerboom is for the step before these tools. Browse first then deep dive, before the price action happens. In a scannable, visual way.


The product is in currently development, but initial user testing has been very positive.

Emerging stocks with growth potential look like this...

To dive into each stock, we wanted a simple way to show the potential. So we tested different approaches which provided surprising results...

Most finance tools show a dial. Usually convention is a safe foundation. This time it wasn't. Illustrating the general feeling of mistrust between consumers and existing finance tools.

The card we designed allows the user to quickly see negative sentiment and price action.

Positive chatter, and little price movement? Could have potential. To dig in more, open up the 'deep value insight' metrics on each card.

And because you don't want to sit watching the charts all day, alerts were a must.

Trust + data are the biggest challenge. Once trust erodes, it's very hard to get it back again. Data from socials needed thorough checks to sanitise.

And for the marketing site, we believe in getting the user to value ASAP. No signup required — show, don' tell.

Tables are a powerful tool for comparison, especially paired with filters you can save.

We covered all the payment and onboarding screens too.

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