Mobile app design screenshot.


When you buy something online there are multiple flows and authentication steps, for example OTP. As part of a global UX research project, we worked with EMVCo (who govern the payment process for the major card networks) and Ipsos to optimise each of the 16 flows you may face.


6 markets were involved, which meant ensuring the design and prototypes could be easily updated.

Every market multiples changes. To simulate real-world reactions of test subjects we needed to find a balance between realism and flexibility. We couldn't use real brands or logos as that could influence reactions.


Create realistic prototypes that would work in local markets. That were also easier to manage and update as insights from testing were uncovered.


We built React prototypes to mimic a real shopping and banking app, along with notifications (for flows that included OTP). The research was a huge success and we are still working with the teams involved.

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