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Connecting disabled students with progressive employers.

Making positive connections.

In collaboration with MyPlus and OrangeGrove we overhauled the current website which supports disabled students looking for jobs while building awareness about disability and the talent pool available to employers. It is part useful content, part job site.

MyPlus hero
Building empathy: Nobody understands me

In typical Caboodle process, we started the project with research so that we could build empathy for the audience. This was eye-opening and impacted our whole strategy.

“Being proactive about inclusion does pay dividends. There is often an advantage in having the capacity of a person whose talents have been overlooked by others solely due to a disability. However, most companies are short-sighted so they won’t wait that long.”

A small sample of the research we conducted to build empathy for the customers

Using insight to inform strategy

The 3 core customers were the students, the employers and the parents. Each customer personas had slightly different needs — once we had built a deeper understanding of the users we mapped out their needs and how we could align the business objectives with those needs.

Strategic UX goal setting
Surfacing the right content to the right audience

One of the big challenges was the fact that the site had a huge amount of quality content that was getting buried and lost. We suggested a new signup flow which was both quicker than the original flow and encouraged each user to choose what topics they’d be most interested in.

This accomplished 2 things: relevant content was surfaced immediately to the user and they were never faced with an empty dashboard once logged in.

“I think it is brilliant; really love what you have done, my favourite feature is allowing them to create their own feed”

Rapid prototyping

Overhauling the signup flow to introduce the right content to the right audience

Choosing the right messaging

Our research had identified that disabled students visiting the site would be feeling down-trodden, anxious and a little hopeless. We wanted the site to feel inspirational, motivational and inclusive (as well as clearly showing the benefits of joining). We paired inspirational copywriting with a stylescape to set the tone before moving into design.

Love the value proposition message and the clarity it instantly brings

Website messaging

Using a mood board combined with copywriting to getting the messaging on point

Approaching design

Following a phase of rapid prototyping, we tested a number of different design variations before the presenting to the client. One of which remained close to existing brand guidelines.

Website design variations
Website design variations
Website design variations