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Research brought to life with beautiful, meaningful reports.

Working closely with the talented team at Ipsos we provided a complete process and system to capture, analyse and then deliver their research in the form of beautiful, impactful reports.

Ipsos team ux workshop
Death to Powerpoint

The UX team within Ipsos wanted to deliver stunning reports to their customers. This meant dropping Powerpoint deliverables in favour of ‘insight boards’. The boards could then be themed and uploaded as a project deliverable, providing the client with a single URL for each project.

Research boards design
Challenge 1: Standardising the anatomy of a quality insight

To maintain research integrity, each insight board is made up of 3+ supporting observations, quotes and/or quantitative evidence. We standardised the content flow into a beginning, middle and end to improve the reading experience of each insight.

We also introduced an importance scale and consistent traffic light system to convey meaning at a glance.

Research design anatomy
Challenge 2: Streamlining the data exchange process

Charts, observations, quotes, theming, importance ratings, images — how do we transfer all this data for each research project between teams in the most efficient way possible? We tried Dropbox and Google docs but found the QA and collaboration process took too much time. So we built a custom relational Airbase database.

This cut the QA and collaboration process by 2-3 days.

Research database design

We continue to refine the process. At this point we have delivered on:
– powerful report output their clients love
– reduced time-to-output and QA process by 2-3 days per project
– achieved huge efficiency savings

Simon Jones, Research Director – Ipsos Mori

It's rare to find a design partner who thinks beyond great visuals and show true empathy for our users. You embody the spirit of design thinking, and that's exactly what we need.

Simon Jones, Research Director Ipsos Mori