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Do you really need a dashboard?

Dashboard design

The problem

The best digital products solve a problem simply. Unfortunately, it’s become common practice to force in a dashboard with lots of pretty graphs and data. As a default, without considering the reasoning behind the addition is a path to a bad experience.

And sure they look great, but there’s a problem.

Dashboards put a barrier between the user and the solution to the problem you’re solving.

Every time they log in.

That’s frustrating.

The whole point of your product is to make their life easier in some way.

The solution

As a marketing tool, pretty graphs and data that look insightful do have value, especially when selling to investors.  Just don’t name it ‘dashboard’ and make it the first thing your user has to interact with in order to get to where they actually need to be. What functionality do they need regular access to? Use that page instead.