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Are you guilty? Say no to carousels.

Carousel = bad UX

The problem

Carousels/sliders allow you to fit lots of content into a relatively small vertical space. They may also be used when multiple stakeholders can’t agree on what content should be used, so it all gets crammed in.

Aside from accessibility problems, carousels are a terrible way to deliver content to your users.

Test after test has proven them ineffective. Very few users actually look past the first slide. Some ignore the whole thing, mistaking it for an advert.

Carousels are a cheap way of shouting multiple messages at no-one in particular.

The solution

If there’s one quick hack for improving your landing page or marketing site, it’s removing carousels and replacing that screen real estate with a well thought out, well-written piece of content.

Content people will actually read.

If you currently use a carousel anywhere and have doubts, track it using Google Analytics or Hotjar and test its effectiveness.  Replace it with a block of well-thought-out content and split test it.