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With 18 million global visitors per year, History Learning is the go to site for academics, teachers and students alike. We helped build upon a site that’s been around for 2 decades.

Content guidance / User testing / Experience design / Design system

Homepage and mobile design for History Learning Site

As a site offering such value to so many people, we took an iterative approach — improving critical areas that would have most impact.

Montage of historic photos from different eras

For such a content rich site, ensuring the user has a pleasant, rich reading experience was paramount. We used a 4pt baseline for consistent vertical rhythm.

Content shown with font and 4pt baseline for consistent vertical rhythm.

We used type tiles to select the right serif font and balance out the typography.

Comparison of different font styles on an isometric grid

The brand identity needed to appeal to both older history enthusiasts and students learning for their exams. Simple, bold mark with the versatility to work across many content types and applications.

Depicting the new branding for History Learning Site on different applications.

We tested many different treatments to handle the array of content. Always considering site speed, content limitations and readability.

Showcasing different hero treatments in an isometric grid.

We used heatmaps and split testing to uncover useful insight on user behaviour. Balanced with quantitative data from analytics we were able identify and prioritise features users would find most useful.

Two shots of the new History Learning Site and how users interact with certain widgets.

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