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Online Pricing Intelligence by GfK tracks price changes of millions of products across multiple countries and currencies on a daily basis. We helped define and refine the web interface.

Interface design / Prototyping / UX design / UX consulting / Collaboration with 3Degrees

GfK Online Pricing Intelligence graph visual

Stakeholder interviews were followed by comprehensive wireframes, ensuring the hundreds of different states were handled consistently.

Isometric layout of wireframes for the dashboard UI

Creating an interface that remained intuitive while being robust enough to handle datasets made up of millions of products was the challenge.

Full GfK dashboard UI design with graph comparing price between clients
Photo of retail units inside a shopping center
Photo of Pricing Intelligence web app during use

We chose Open Sans for its neutral but versatile, legible characteristics. Paired with a contemporary high-contrast palette provided data clarity.

Design system showing Open Sans, the 8pt grid system and the colours we used – Blueberry, charcoal, turquoise and pastel red.

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