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Why our design team is moving from Sketch to Figma

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at Caboodle, and we found using a combination of Sketch, Abstract and Invision fell short.

We believe process should always be adapting and improving so when we came across Figma, we saw all the benefits it could offer both our remote team and end clients.

This post explores how we transitioned from four tools to one with Figma, as well as some of the benefits we realised as a result.

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How to make your SaaS product simpler to use.

A common mistake made during product design is trying to cram lots of clever functionality into each and every page of your SaaS product.

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The 8pt Grid: Consistent Spacing in UI Design

In this article we provide practical insight into the 8pt grid and how spacing is such a vital design consideration.

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