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How to make your SaaS product simpler to use.

The problem

A common mistake made during product design is trying to cram lots of clever functionality into each and every page of your SaaS product.  

This usually makes for a confusing, frustrating experience.

Whilst using your product, a user should be able to say “To do this, I go here”.

The solution

Instead, break down each page by primary user need — ask: what is each page’s primary purpose?

It could be:

  • to search for something specific
  • to add an item
  • to manage a group of items
  • to view/access a group of items
  • to upgrade their subscription

If there are multiple primary actions, then you’ll need to break them apart into separate pages. The primary action should be unmissable, whilst reducing the prominence of any secondary actions (for example with an ellipsis menu, or remove it entirely).

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