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Chasing Alpha with a new digital finance product.

Harnessing the power of experience design in the financial sector

As one of the leading investment management and research firms in the world, AllianceBernstein recognises the importance of user experience design. They chose Caboodle to work with them on a new digital product. We kicked off the engagement with a UX workshop.UX workshops are a great way to share and build domain knowledge.

AllianceBernstein logo
AllianceBernstein logo
How does this fit into the life of a busy Fund Manager?

We used an empathy map to help answer questions like:

What are AM’s most worried about? What is important to them? How will this product affect their lives?

This helped prioritise features and map out the primary customer journey allowing us to visualise how, when and where the features fit best.

Journey mapping
How do these insights impact design?

Following the research and ideation phase, we start every project’s design phase with a design system. This allows us to iterate and benchmark design patterns and quickly pivot during testing and feedback. Providing a cohesive user experience means establishing a consistent design language — without a design system in place this is slow and hard to achieve.

Design system financial product
Prototyping is the way forward

Design is a start but without prototyping you can’t get a feel for the full product experience, saving valuable time and development costs. It helps iron out any flaws in the flows. It’s also very hard to initiate any meaningful testing without a clickable prototype.

To build the prototype involved around 280 linked interactions.

Design system financial product
Design system financial product
Key challenges

Fund managers live with enormous pressure to perform. This competitiveness does not pair naturally with collaboration, so there was trepidation about a user-centred approach from the team.

As a forward thinking company, AB wanted to take on that challenge and hire a specialist user experience design consultancy that could foster a more collaborative approach to product design. We relished the opportunity to show how powerful our UCD approach could be. In the end, the AB team loved the workshop and are seeing the value of such an approach as we continue to work together on their new product.

“Everything looks great. I am thrilled with how it’s going. After my first call with Lucy I knew I wanted to work with you guys, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all worked out.”

Clare Stoker, Assistant VP AllianceBernstein