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A complex finance product, given direction and clarity.

The power of a UX workshop is something that has to be experienced first-hand. As one of the leading investment management and research firms in the world, AllianceBernstein approached Caboodle to work with them on a new digital product.

AllianceBernstein NY
Domain knowledge — You know your industry and customers best

We have worked with rocket scientists, fund managers, C-suite execs, market researchers and many other hugely talented people. One thing is constant — in order to deliver our expertise, we first need to understand your world and the world of your customers. Before we prescribe, we need to diagnose. With AB, we focused the discussion around their core users and the problems AB were looking to solve.

UX workshops are a great way to share and build knowledge about each other’s circumstances. This is how we kicked off a new engagement with AllianceBernstein.

UX workshop

Our collaborative process speeds up progress

What do users want and why?

We used an empathy map to get into the head of the core user. Helping us answer questions like: What are your users worried most about? What is important to them? How will this product affect their lives?

Empathy mapping

Using an empathy map to identify what drives the customer.

How we prioritised features

It’s natural to want to deliver every feature — a common assumption is that more features mean a better product and more customers. Trying to do everything, however, is risky, expensive and increases time-to-launch. A better way is to prioritise features based on validated user need and sort by considering what will have most impact vs the effort it’ll take to produce.

Empathy mapping
Empathy mapping
Where to do these features fit into customers' lives?

Based on all the information we had gathered about user’s and their needs, we mapped out the primary user journey. This helps to visualise how, when and where the features fit best within the web app.

Journey map

Mapping out where the customer journey starts and ends (blurred for confidentiality)

Key challenges

Fund managers live with enormous pressure to perform. This competitiveness does not pair naturally with collaboration, so there was trepidation about a user-centred approach from the team.

As a forward thinking company, AB wanted to take on that challenge and hire a specialist user experience design consultancy that could foster a more collaborative approach to product design. We relished the opportunity to show how powerful our UCD approach could be. In the end, the AB team loved the workshop and are seeing the value of such an approach as we work together on their new product.

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